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International Natural Sciences Tournament

V International Natural Sciences Tournament
November 12-17, 2014,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Organizer: Saint-Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry
Student teams competition in applied science and innovation

International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) is a team competition for current undergraduate, Master’s students, and students planning to graduate in 2014. Students specializing in Natural Sciences or Engineering are welcome. The main goal of the competition is to teach university students to apply their knowledge to solve important scientific and industrial problems.

You may watch video from INST-2013: HERE is the presentation of one of the problems and HERE you may watch opponent work and polemics. These procedures make INST excellent experience for training your scientific project writing and skills of presenting projects in English (even if you're not native speaker)

Problems of extramural round available now: DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS.

In 2014 the intramural round of the Tournament is separated in two leagues: International league and the Russian-speaking league. Participants of the International league perform in English both in the extramural and intramural rounds of the Tournament. Teams of the Russian-speaking league prepare their solutions in Russian.

Teams which would like to participate in the International league should send the solutions of tasks of the extramural round until 15 July 2014. It is necessary to apply for the visa for international participants who had passed to the intramural round.

You should send no less than two solutions of introduced problems. Points for teams that have sent three solutions will be calculated from two best solutions. Solution for each problem consists of 2 files: presentation in PowerPoint (or PDF) and extended solution in .doc format (5 pages or less)

Solutions should be sent on the e-mail: tournament@chem.spbu.ru .

Please, register if you are going to participate in the Tournament: www.scitourn.ru/reg

Problems of INST-2014 will be published online at www.en.scitourn.ru after the extramural round. You may see INST-2013 intramural problems below in the archive.

Source: http://scitourn.com/