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Discourse as Social Practice

The Second International Scientific Conference
“Discourse as Social Practice: Priorities and Prospects”
16 -17.10. 2014

Organizer: Centre for Socio-Cognitive Discourse Studies for Moscow State linguistic University (SCoDis - MSLU).

Discourse is one of the most popular, intriguing and disputed notions of present day linguistics. Discourse is described as communication in general, as text “in context”, as a dialogue, as any kind of speech event, etc.

While research of discourse covers many domains (linguistic, social, psychological, cultural, etc.), scholars often work within separate disciplines and with little contact. At the same time all researchers in the field of discourse studies share the same idea, i.e. discourse is a communicative tool used to sustain or modify social practices in various cultural contexts.

To bridge the gaps within and outside linguistics the second international conference “Discourse as Social Practice: Priorities and Prospects” is to be held at Moscow State Linguistic University.

The following issues will be highlighted at the conference:

• discourse of social institutions (science, education, politics, business, religion, etc.);
• methodologies and methods of discourse studies (cognitive research, multimodal studies of discourse, Critical Discourse Analysis; gender studies, stylistics, etc.);
• social and cultural identities of speakers and its influence on discourse activities;
• communicative strategies in professional and other contexts;
• mass media technologies in modern communication;
• changes in language and discourse practices produced by social changes.

The aim of the conference is to encourage scholars from different areas and levels of expertise to discuss cross-disciplinary problems of social discourse studies. We also view the conference as a unique opportunity for researchers to share their very recent theoretical and practical findings, and to enjoy networking with colleagues from different countries and cities.

The conference’s working languages are Russian, English and German (with interpretation provided on site). A volume of abstracts will be published and provided by the organizers at the beginning of the conference free of charge. The extramural participants will also have their abstract published and the volume will be sent to them by mail. The payment details will be circulated before the beginning of the conference. Also, in 2015 a peer-reviewed selection of conference papers will be published in Vestnik MSLU. The deadline for the submission of the papers is February 17, 2015.

Postal address:
Ostozhenka 38, 119034, Moscow, Russia
tel. 8 (499) 245 32 39