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Globalization of innovation

We are glad to welcome you to participate in the VII Forum
"From Science to business: globalization of innovation".

May 15-17, 2013
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The expansion of activities of high-tech products (goods and services) in the global markets is objectively determined and vitally important condition for the development of both corporations and «start-up» companies. The development of the national innovation systems (NIS) directly depends on how well they can integrate into the global innovation process, effectively engage in the international «circulation» of minds and business ideas.

The globalization of innovation as a serial process of the more in-depth involvement of high-tech organizations in international operations requires a well thought-out and time-tested national policies and specific mechanisms and stimulation of its own subjects of innovative activities, to overcome the numerous barriers (administrative, tariff and non-tariff) of objective and subjective character. Experience of work in the innovation markets (as global corporations and medium-sized, and small innovative companies of high-tech industries) implies a rich spectrum of approaches and mechanisms of the transfer of technologies and/or their commercialization.

Higher education institutions have to adapt to globalization (which is already done by other industries), enter the market and to become a business-structures, oriented on the consumer in order to survive and prosper in a rapidly changing world. «...all the universities involved in the processes of globalization - partly as objects and even victims of these processes and partly as the subjects or the main intermediaries», - P.Scott, Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University (UK).

In the 1980s the world has entered a new stage of development - globalization, which expresses the new doctrine of development and new macroeconomic cycle (which has replaced the cycle of 1946/47-1977/79, and the doctrine of the modernism). In the ХХI century the pillar of globalization of the world economy are innovative networks, which include scientific and technical resources of many countries. Today Russia stands only in the way of integration.

The goal of the Forum is to discuss the current situation, problems and development trends of the Innovative zone around higher education and science institutions with active participation of the state authorities and business (big, medium and small) in cooperation with science and research community. It is planned to pay special attention to open innovations, foresight and green technologies. The special accent will be made on discussion of human resource problems for the innovative projects. III Youth School & will continue its work in the framework of the Forum.

International Forum FROM SCIENCE TO BUSINESS is the meeting place for innovative East and West, which allows you to share the experience and to conclude new agreements and contracts. We are sure that our Forum will be very useful in the development of mutually beneficial partnership of business, science, education and state bodies to make a practical contribution to the strategic work on formation of the innovation economy in Russia.

We are looking forward to meet you in Saint-Petersburg!

Organizing Committee