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Welcome Message

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is our privilege and a real honor to welcome you to the 4th International IEEE Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas and Electronic Systems (IEEE COMCAS 2013), which will be held in the exciting and vibrant city of Tel-Aviv, Israel, October 21-24, 2013. The program is designed to interest a wide group of engineers and decision makers from the communication, radar and electronic systems communities by presenting cutting edge technology, circuits, and systems innovations in these fields.

Our previous event, the third and very successful international IEEE COMCAS 2011, delivered on the promise of attracting the global community to Israel with more than 1200 participants, 242 papers, 57 technical sessions in six parallel sessions, and a substantial professional exhibition with 80 booths. It was an exciting international conference and exposition that was attended by many internationally recognized scientists and engineers. COMCAS 2008, 2009 and 2011 promoted and encouraged increased activity and friendly interchanges among the leading innovators in the field by providing the technical and social framework to support networking and personal interactions with peers.

The 2013 program will offer an impressive list of speakers, including expert R&D engineers, top scientists and managers from the US, Europe, Far East and Israel. The program will include Keynote Presentations of up-to-date and important topics.
Our ultimate goal is to create a very diverse and multidisciplinary conference where engineers and scientists from various complementary disciplines can meet and discuss subjects of common interest. The emphasis will be on applications-oriented research and development, from antennas, devices and components to systems and software. The combination of technical areas should make for a very robust and interesting three-day meeting. The organizers are confident that you will enjoy it! In addition, the exhibition will be organized alongside the Conference halls, with many companies and agencies presenting CAD tools, test equipment, RF, MW and MMW components and modules for electronic systems applications.

Tel Aviv is rated as a world-class city, serving as a major economic hub and the wealthiest city in Israel; home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, many corporate offices, as well as major research and development centers. Its beaches, bars, cafés, restaurants, upscale shopping, great weather, cosmopolitan lifestyle and famous 24-hour culture make Tel Aviv a popular tourist destination for domestic and overseas visitors alike, and has made its reputation as "Israel’s city that never goes to sleep".

Special thanks to our Steering and Technical Committees members for their much effort and to the Conference’s Patrons, Supporting Organizations and Media Supporters for their generous support.

As in previous years, COMCAS 2013 will be a valuable, enriching and fun event, and an excellent opportunity to meet and socialize with colleagues.

Shmuel Auster,
IEEE COMCAS General Chairman