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Israel to host international conference on nuclear testing

Israeli daily reports that representatives from 100 Arab and Muslim states will attend the conference. Israel next week will host an international United Nations conference on the subject of nuclear testing, Israeli daily Maariv reported on Tuesday. According to security and intelligence affairs analyst Yossi Melman the conference will be attended by close to 100 representatives from Jordan, Egypt and other Arab and Muslim states, including states which do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

As a condition for the conference to take place, the Israeli Foreign Ministry had to promise to protect and maintain the safety of the delegates arriving from those countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel, the report added. The purpose of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) conference is to analyze and draw conclusions from the results of an experiment that took place on November 2014. The experiment tested the readiness of the organization's monitoring inspectors to identify and monitor nuclear experiments.