You are here is a new digital resource for real-time information about Israel

A platform built by Israeli tech experts that battles fake news about the country’s war with Hamas in Gaza has expanded its global advocacy efforts – translating its content into 23 additional languages, including Turkish, Persian, Japanese and Vietnamese. is a digital resource for real-time information about Israel. It provides detailed survivors’ accounts of the October 7 massacre carried out by Hamas in southern Israel, as well as information about the 1,200 victims and the more than 200 people abducted to Gaza.

The platform also contains thousands of images and video clips from the attack that can be shared on social media networks. Many of the resources are extremely graphic in nature. It was previously available in 11 different languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

The platform is powered by volunteers from Kaltura, a leading video cloud company created by Israelis, in collaboration with AI content generator GlossAI and other partners. “As time passes since the terrible massacre, the voices that downplay the horrific events and present Israel as the aggressor are increasing,” said Liad Eshkar, executive VP at Kaltura, and one of the creators of Stand4Israel.

“Residents in some countries are behind an iron curtain of media that presents them with misinformation and fake videos on social networks, and we must break it. “Even in countries friendly to Israel, unfortunately, there is a flow of lies, including those of influencers, that seeps into the population,” he said.

“The accessibility of the site for many languages, with the help of many volunteers who joined the mission and artificial intelligence technology, allows us to reach the majority of the world’s inhabitants in their native language and present to them the horrors that took place and are still taking place with the hostages.”

 Ariel Grossman