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Israeli startups raised $600m in October

The country's startups have raised a record $5.1 billion since the start of 2018. Israeli startups raised just over $600 million in October, according to press releases issued by companies that completed financing rounds. The figure may be more as some companies prefer not to publicize the investments they have received.

This sum can be added to the $4.5 billion that Israeli startups raised in the first nine months of 2018, according to IVC-ZAG. This means that the country's startups are set to surpass last year's record of $5.24 billion raised, according to IVC-ZAG.

Most of the sum in October was raised in large financing rounds from more veteran startups led by DevOps developer JFrog, which raised $165 million. Other major financing rounds include the $60 million raised by NASH treatment company 89Bio, $43 million raised by cybersecurity company Demisto and $35 million raised by open source company WhiteSource. AI sports company HEED raised $35 million, Airobotics raised $30 million, blockchain company Starkware raised $30 million, secure enterprise company CTERA networks raised $30 million and big data enterprise company Glassbox raised $25 million.