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Israeli startups to compete in Globes-EY Journey Pitch

The startups will compete at the Globes-EY Journey Conference in Tel Aviv on October 25 with the winners competing in the US Road Show. Eight Israeli startups will compete at the Globes-EY Journey Conference in Tel Aviv on October 25 with the winners competing in the US Road Show with close support from EY Israel. The startups are:


Chief science officer Dr. Inna Schneiderman, COO Elhanan Meirovithz, and CEO Lior Moyal founded NeuroApplied in 2016.

The company has raised $650,000 to date. NeuroApplied's technology is a unique combination of brain science and acting. A brand manager can obtain previously unavailable insights about the consumers' subconscious, while respondents will enjoy an interactive experience, instead of a boring and exhausting questionnaire. The company uses artificial intelligence to predict important parameters in a brand and to obtain an precise blueprint for improving it, and also turns the brand art into a data-based scientific discipline, as has happened to almost every aspect of life in the past two year.

Regulus Cyber

CEO Yonatan Zur and CTO Yoav Zangvil founded Regulus Cyber in 2016.

The company has raised $1.2 million to date. A new technological sector has been growing in recent years - autonomous tools. The sector includes autonomous vehicles, unmanned tools and field robots. The sector is generating difficult new security and reliability challenges that are only now becoming clear. Regulus Cyber is developing the first commercial solution that provides comprehensive security, task reliability, and real-time information. It constitutes a specific solution for autonomous tools against malicious disruptions and attacks on various system elements. The company plans to be the leader in a new, exciting, and challenge-filled market that will change our lives in the coming years.


CTO Shahar Bahiri, operations chief Daniel Yackovich, executive Gabriel Jacobson, and business development chief Michael Dan Vardi founded Valerann in 2014.

The enormous importance of technological development in smart transportation has drawn in innumerable companies. Valerann's unique opportunity arises because it takes part in this revolution from a place that no one ever considered before - the road. The company's unique technology provides solutions now for existing needs for which there is no current solution, while at the same time doing the spadework for supporting rapid and safe development of smart transportations, with an emphasis on Internet-connected and autonomous vehicles.

Hargo FoodTech

CEO Dror Tamir, CTO Chanan Aviv, and COO Ben Friedman founded Hargo FoodTech in 2016. The company has raised $1.15 million to date.

Hargo FoodTech is the first company ever to develop and establish an industrialized farm for growing grasshoppers as a source of protein for humans. Grasshoppers are the most efficient source of protein produced by nature. The company markets whole grasshoppers and grasshopper protein powder to leading food manufacturers in the US and Europe.


CEO Dan Hochberg, Roy Emek, and CTO Chris Evans founded Mobilus in 2016. The company has raised $100,000 to date.

Mobilus is a trailblazer in cloud computing. A prototype developed by the company utilizes artificial intelligence to predict when and where various parts of organizational information will be needed. The company was founded by leading experts in the field, and cooperates with a number of key global players.

Elastic Media

CEO Dr. Ronen Shoval, CSO Yair Shapira, and CTO Arie Genkin founded Elastic Media in 2015. The company has raised $3 million to date.

Elastic Media has created a new interactive language for generating and consuming video content. The company's system facilitates personal real-time editing of television programs and sports broadcasts. Elastic Media's warm welcome in US television and the installing of its technology on the platforms of the world's largest media companies are the best proof that the technology is essential in the digital content sector.

LeO Chief of Stuff

CEO Liri Halperin Segal and active chairman Enon Landenberg founded LeO Chief of Stuff in 2016. The company is pre-seed.

In a world making giant strides towards personalization and an effective response to needs of products and services, the insurance industry, with a turnover of $1.2 trillion in the US alone, has been left behind. By utilizing a big data analysis and artificial intelligence technological platform, Leo Chief of Stuff enables insurance agents and companies to provide their customers with automated, personal, and effective service. The result is savings on operating costs and maximization of sales potential.


Shay Hillel, CTO Prof. Miriam Reiner, and CTO Zeev Hadar founded BrainVu in 2016.

BrainVu has developed unique and innovative technology based on artificial intelligence that makes it possible to analyze a person's mental and emotional state remotely, without physical contact. The technology, developed in cooperation with the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, has enormous potential for changing the way that computers and people communicate. It enables computers and robots to generate emotionally tailored interaction, and to adapt the displayed information content to a person's mental and emotional state.