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Israeli schoolchildren's trips to Poland will resume in the summer

Israel's Education Ministry announced on Tuesday that it has decided to renew the school trips to Poland, which are expected to take place in the summer. The Ministry said that the decision was taken following a review of the contents and aims of the voyage along with its security needs. The security situation will be reviewed on a regular basis, and the trips are thus liable to change. 

Ministry: Trips significant 'especially after October 7'

In a statement it issued, the ministry said it “sees the power in telling the stories of Holocaust survivors who chose to return and live; they rebuilt their lives and contributed significantly to the establishment of the State of Israel and the spirit and beauty of Israeli society.

“Especially after October 7, learning about the Jewish people, its history, and the importance of the establishment of the State of Israel is of the utmost significance.”

Education Minister Yoav Kisch stated, “The trip to Poland allows the students to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, to be exposed to the atrocities that took place, and to prove the victory and resurrection over the attempt to destroy the Jewish people.”

 In November, the ministry announced it would cancel the winter Poland trips due to the rise of antisemitism worldwide in the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas war. At the time, the ministry said it would continue to prepare students for the summer trips.