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Israel proposes 100-step climate action plan

A massive climate action plan was to be submitted for Israeli government approval on Sunday morning that would involve 14 different ministries taking 100 steps to address environmental pollution caused by global warming, Ynet reports. The program amounts to $4.8 billion (NIS 15.5 billion), connecting plans provided by various ministries included in the state budget.

The plan implements the strategy of the Environmental Protection Ministry to move to a low-carbon economy. Environment Minister Tamar Zandberg told Ynet that the upcoming UN climate conference in Glasgow, in the UK, (COP26) that will be attended by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett "was a catalyst" for the climate proposal.

Zandberg called this summer a "turning point" in the "understanding of the intensity and urgency of the climate crisis. Both because of the IPCC report and because of the disasters we saw around the world."

As part of the plan, Israel's National Security Council will for the first time address climate change in its multi-year assessment, looking at natural disasters from a national security perspective as threats to the home front, including fires, floods, heat waves and cold temperatures. 

The plan includes: $749 million (NIS 2.4 billion) that will go toward sorting and treatment facilities for organic matter; $187 million (NIS 600 million) for energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in industry and local government; $156 million (NIS 500 million) for transitioning to electric public transportation; $125 million (NIS 400 million) for bicycle infrastructure; and $62 million (NIS 200 million) for climate innovation.