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Israel has 10th highest life expectancy in world

Israelis enjoy the 10th highest life expectancy in the world, according to a report from NiceRx based on data about OECD countries from Worldometer’s Life Expectancy of the World Population.  Average life expectancy in Israel is 83.49 (81.98 for men and 84.91 for women) according to NiceRx, a project that helps Americans access affordable prescription medications.

Hong Kong came in first place with an average life expectancy of 85.29. The other countries ranking above Israel were Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Australia, Iceland and South Korea. Latvia has the shortest life expectancy of the countries profiled, averaging 75.73 years.

NiceRx also found that Israel ranks 27th out of 39 countries for health expenditure per capita, totaling $3,057 in 2021. The United States ranked first in health expenditure per capita, totaling $12,318.

And, on average, Israelis wait 1.6 days to get an appointment for cataract, knee or hip replacement surgery. That puts Israel 13th on healthcare waiting times, well below the top three (Norway, Australia, Canada).

Abigail Klein Leichman

Israelis are living longer (Photo: Ido Erez)