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IHS PhD Scholarship

The IHS PhD Scholarship: $1,500 for doctoral students. The deadline for all applications is February 28, 2017.

To thrive as a PhD student, you’re going to need talent, work ethic, and money. IHS awards the IHS PhD Scholarships each year to promising students dedicated to developing, teaching, and applying the principles of a free society. Last year, 48 scholarships were awarded. Besides that immediate financial assistance, this scholarship opens up possibilities for your future to:

  • Become eligible in the next academic year to apply for the renewable IHS Humane Studies Fellowshipthat awards up to  $15,000.
  • Gain access to our vast network of liberty-advancing scholars.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive workshops designed specifically to help graduate students improve their research and further their academic careers.


Full-time graduate student enrolled in a PhD program during the 2017–2018 academic year are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants should have a strong record of academic excellence as well as a demonstrated research interest that is rooted in the tradition of individual and economic freedoms.

The PhD Scholarship is intended for first-time participants in any IHS program. If you have already participated in an IHS program or received funding, apply for our renewable Humane Studies Fellowship instead!