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IDF in cyber space: Intelligence gathering and clandestine operations

IDF defines its activity in cyber space as a platform to improve operational effectiveness and defense. IDF has been relentlessly operating in the field.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Operations Department recently defined the essence of IDF cyber warfare, putting together instructions that define the military's operational methods in cyber space and clarify its goals in facing potential enemies. IDF Website exclusively reveals these instructions for the first time. According to the document, cyber space is to be handled similarly to other battlefields on ground, at sea, in the air and in space. The IDF has been engaged in cyber activity consistently and relentlessly, gathering intelligence and defending its own cyber space. Additionally if necessary the cyber space will be used to execute attacks and intelligence operations.

There are many, diverse, operational cyber warfare goals, including thwarting and disrupting enemy projects that attempt to limit operational freedom of both the IDF and the State of Israel, as well as incorporating cyber warfare activity in completing objectives at all fronts and in every kind of conflict. Moreover, it will be used to maintain Israel's quality and advantage over its enemies and prevent their growth and military capabilities, while limiting their operation in this field.

Additional goals defined by the document published by the Operations Department include creation of operational conditions that will assist in fulfilling IDF capabilities in combat as well as influence public opinion and raise awareness by advocating in the cyber space.

Overall cyber space will be used to improve the operational effectiveness of the IDF, both during war and peace time. This will be done through clandestine activity, while maintaining confidentiality and expertise.

By Rotem Pesso