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Hamas Crime Documentation Center established in Washington

The Washington-based think tank wrote “The Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center (HADC)… will provide historical documentation for the years to come, for academic and educational purposes “Since we cannot post these horrific graphics and videos on Meta platforms, we will provide verbal descriptions of them, and make the videos available for viewing on the MEMRI Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center Report account on Telegram.”

Documenting the atrocities of Hamas

MEMRI named its Telegram channel “Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center Report.”

Yigal Carmon, the president and founder of MEMRI, wrote on his organization’s website ”I ask anyone who has in his possession relevant videos of these atrocities to send them to We will post them in the appropriate manner, since we have to keep in mind that they are not suitable for any viewer, just as materials to be documented as acts of horror, like in the Holocaust. Even the horrors of the Holocaust no one can watch. But still, we created Yad Vashem to document the Holocaust.”

Carmon, who served as a counter-terrorism adviser to prime ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin, added “We must document everything. These Einsatzgruppen murderers have committed the same kind of murders that their predecessors did. So that the world will know, and so that Israeli children will learn about October 7, 2023 in schools. So that the world doesn't forget and is not allowed to forget.”

MEMRI posted 10 videos and images on its Telegram channel with descriptions of the content in its first issue, with links to the graphic videos:

  1. At the entrance to Kibbutz Be'eri, the remains of a car full of civilians trying to escape the Hamas invasion and massacre. They were caught and burned alive.
  2. Israeli babies shot and burned to death by Hamas operatives.
  3. More Israeli babies shot and burned to death by Hamas operatives.
  4. An Israeli family held hostage by Hamas terrorists who took control of their home inside Israel and killed a sister.
  5. An Israeli family held hostage by Hamas terrorists who took control of their home. The father is shot and wounded; a boy is forced at gunpoint to go to other families in the village and tell them to leave their homes
  6. Hamas shoots into a shelter room full of murdered civilians.
  7. Beheaded Israeli soldiers.
  8. A kidnapped 85-year-old woman.
  9. A murdered girl in her car.
  10. A kidnapped Israeli couple from a party is abducted to Gaza.

A second HADC issue was published with an additional ten video and photographic  clips.

Carmon wrote that the Telegram account is in “the spirit of Yad Vashem, to document the murders, including of Holocaust survivors, that Hamas committed on that day, October 7. This is a project that should have been undertaken by the Israeli government, but nothing can be expected of this government. “

Carmon, who is a fluent Arabic speaker and a former colonel in the IDF, said “The Hamas attack cannot be compared to the '73 war, which is a war that we now miss. Not even to the massacres of the Islamic State. The comparison to animals made by Israel Defense Minister Gallant is also not appropriate, since no animal commits murder out of sheer cruelty. The only appropriate comparison is to the Einsatzgruppen, the paramilitary death squads of the SS of the Nazi Germany, who were attached to the 4th Wehrmacht Army groups that invaded Poland and Russia in the outbreak of World War II. Their one and only mission was to murder Jews wherever they found them. That is the only relevant comparison, and I propose to anyone that has a heart to stick to this comparison.”

MEMRI’s HADC Telegram Accounts are in Hebrew and English and the think tank is slated to open a German Telegram account.

The Jerusalem Post reported last week that Carmon predicted Hamas’s invasion of Israel on August 31 in his essay titled “Signs Of Possible War In September-October.” 

Benjamin Weinthal