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The Eye as Witness: Recording the Holocaust

A new multimedia exhibit opening this month at the Jewish Museum London examines historical Nazi-propaganda images from World War II, contrasting them with the point of view of Holocaust victims. “The Eye as Witness: Recording the Holocaust” highlights images taken by the Nazis of victims in ghettos and concentration camps, while visitors are “led to reconsider the images as persecuted and dignified humans living ‘everyday’ lives only days before the Nazis came to power,” the museum said.

The interactive exhibit aims to make visitors “question the motives behind the recording of historical events and to encourage critical thinking on racism, hatred and ‘fake news’ today.” “The Eye as Witness” offers a virtual reality experience, allowing visitors to feel like they are stepping into a photograph taken in the Warsaw Ghetto. The exhibit also spotlights rare images taken in secret by Jews and members of the anti-Nazi resistance, who recorded what they saw as history unfolded around them.

“The Eye As Witness,” which runs April 24-September 18, is supported by the Arts Council England and co-produced by the National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

Shiryn Ghermezian