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Time: Israeli technologies make Best Inventions of 2020 list

2020 – which brought us the first global pandemic in a century – has been described as everything from "challenging" to "a dumpster fire." Nevertheless, the difficulties posed by huge economic fallout and forced work from home and distance learning haven't managed to smother human ingenuity.

The results are clear: Time Magazine has come out with its list of the best inventions of 2020, and it includes six Israeli inventions that will, hopefully, help make the world a better and more interesting place. Who were the lucky six?

The list's Parenting category cited the Mifold Hifold foldable car seat by Carfoldio Ltd., which Time calls "Transformer-like." The Mifold system can be configured in 243 settings to fit the needs of children from 33-100 lbs. Carfoldio was founded in 2013 by Jon Sumroy, a father of four, who wanted a seat small enough to fit into a child's backpack.

The Beehome by Beewise was listed in the Artificial Intelligence category. Does that sound odd for an agricultural invention? Not at all. Time describes Beewise as using "precision robotics, computer vision and AI" to monitor bees 24/7. "Not only to bees not die, they thrive," says Beewise CEO Saar Safra.

Another Israeli entry in the Artificial Intelligence category was TrialJectory, a guide to cancer trials that could benefit cancer patients. According to Time, the service uses AI to read through thousands of clinical trial to mine them for information that could match patients with researchers. TrialJectory's founders are working to expand the system, and this summer added lung cancers.

From AI we move on to the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality category, which picked Israel's Augmedics Xvision – a headset that uses augmented reality to transform a patient's CT scan into a 3-D visualization that assists in surgical procedures by imposes a 3-D image of a patients' spine over their body. The devices has FDA approval and is in use at major US medical facilities.

The City Transformer Electric Vehicle and Incredo Sugar by DouxMatok were both listed in the Special Mentions category. CityTransformer is an EV that seats two people but can travel at speeds of up to 55 mph. It also features retractable wheels that allow it to fit into narrow parking spaces. The company hopes to launch mass production by 2023.

Incredo Sugar is a sweetener from DouxMatok that provides the same level of sweetness while reducing a consumer's sugar intake by 30-50%. It is already in use in the food industry.