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Tel-Avivs Rothschild transformed into Innovation Boulevard

As twilight descended on Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening, the city’s iconic Rothschild Boulevard and surrounding streets were transformed into “Innovation Boulevard” – an experiential walkway of augmented reality, interactive art, innovative digital displays, projection mapping, 3D effects and science fiction.

Entrepreneurs were seen exhibiting virtual reality table tennis, an invisible infra-red light show, an autonomous drone show, interactive trees, an artificially intelligent braille converter that turns braille into words, and the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm with free samples for those brave enough to taste. The series of events were organized by the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, Israel’s largest annual hi-tech gathering, which brings entrepreneurs, innovators and investors from around the world to a week-long of tech-based networking in the Big Orange.

Founded in 2005 and co-chaired by Dr. Yossi Vardi, one of Israel’s earliest entrepreneurs and a pioneer of instant messaging, DLD (Digital Life Design) conferences are recognized as among the world’s leading innovation events. This year’s conference welcomed 110 delegations, 4,000 participants and more than 100 startups, both from Israel and abroad.

In addition to Tel Aviv, DLD conferences have taken place this year in Germany, the United States and Belgium. Next month, DLD will be hosting its first conference in Singapore. Digital Life Design is a global conference network, organized by Munich-based DLD Media, a company of Burda Digital.

Eytan Holon