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Tel Aviv implements electric road pilot program

The city of Tel Aviv has partnered with ElectReon and the Dan bus company to start a new Tel Aviv pilot program that will enable special electric buses to drive in Tel Aviv.The pilot will include the installation of 600 meters of wireless electronic road in the two-kilometer stretch between the Tel Aviv University train station and Klatzkin terminal in Ramat Gan.

ElectReon is an Israeli company that develops and implements Wireless Electric Road Systems (ERS), and Dan is a partial owner of ElectReon, according to Globes.The technology allows for electric vehicles to traverse roads without needing to recharge and has an estimated technical lifespan of approximately 40 years if properly maintained, according to ElectReon.

The pilot is part of a larger push by the city to encourage the use of vehicles that reduce emissions and aims to reduce air pollution. City officials believe that electric roads could have a major impact.If integration and testing is successful, the city plans to have a regular bus line on the electric road within two months.

Tel Aviv is the first city in the world to use the technology for a public route on a large scale, according to ElectReon CEO and founding partner Oren Ezer.Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai said that “electric transportation will assist municipal efforts to reduce air pollution and noise and assist the transition to green modes of transport.”

Eve Young