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Sefer Center: International Conferences on Jewish Studies 2018

Dear colleagues,

 SEFER Center is pleased to announce the 25th International Annual Conference on Jewish Studies that will take place in Moscow on February 4-6, 2018. We invite you to send your applications. The conference program will include sections reflecting the traditional areas of Jewish studies (Biblical and Talmudic Studies, Jewish Thought, Jewish History, Judeo-Christian Relations, the Holocaust, Israeli Studies, Languages and Literature, Art, Ethnology, Demography, Jewish Genealogy, Museums and Archives, etc.). We also welcome topics that require interdisciplinary approaches. Talks of graduate students and young researchers will be included in the youth panels of the conference with the participation of discussants invited specifically for this event. Presentation of scientific papers on Judaica published last year will also take place. This section is usually of great interest. If you wish to submit new published works, please contact us so we will include it in the program.

We advise you to plan your speech for 20 minutes. Conference languages are Russian and English (without translation).

Organizers provide accommodation and meals for the participants of the conference. Thanks to the support of the European Association for Jewish Studies and Genesis Philanthropy Group, several  travel grants for graduate students and young researchers up to 40 years will be available.

The full program of the conference will be published on our website after January 10, 2018.

We will be glad to see you at the conference!

Best regards,

Organizing Committee