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Rax Exhibition 2012

The 22nd International Trade fair in Israel for Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, Automation & Pneumatics, Industrial Light & Ventilation Systems.
June 26-28, 2012
Tel Aviv Fairgrounds


Automation & Control
*Industrial automation
*Control instruments
*Automatic computerized controls
*Industrial security controls
*Pneumatic electronic control systems
*Warning systems

Measurement Systems & pressure measurement systems
*Analytic measuring instruments
*Measuring tools and systems
*Measuring control systems, accessories and aids

Equipment & components
*Tools and equipment (ranging from basic elements to sophisticated high power industrial equipment)
*Wires / Cables
*Piping parts
*Hydraulic lifting equipment
*Ladders , Cranes
*Motion and positioning control
*Pneumatic valve controls
*UPS systems

Electricity Production, Transmission & Distribution
*Energy & Alternative Energy
*Power systems
*Energy saving systems
*Coal, Gas, Hydro Energy, Solar systems, Renewable Energy

Fire Safety Systems
*Intelligent buildings technology
*Industrial, institutional & residential lighting
*Storage solutions
*In-Vehicle Equipment
*Air conditioning units for electric boards
*Work clothing & tools

Guests and Visitors:
Electrical, electronic and lighting engineers, architectural planning consulting firms, electricians, electronic and industrial technicians, electrical contractors, industrial maintenance engineers & managers in large buildings and institutions, Control & Instrumentation managers, logistics & purchasing managers in the industrial and institutional sectors, energy managers, architects, designers, security officers and general electricians.

Accommodation in Israel & Travel:
The official travel agency for Rax 2012 is HADASSIM TOURS LTD.
Contact person: Mrs. Hila Tamir,
Tel: +972-3-5104422, Mobile: +972-54-5318664, Fax: +972-3-5172061,

Transport, Customs Clearance, Storage:
Amit Ltd. has been appointed as the official forwarding and clearance agents. These services can be booked in advance: Transport to and from the exhibition complex, freight forwarding, customs clearance and storage. Exhibitors are advised to arrange their orders for Amit Ltd. one month prior to the exhibition at the latest, to avoid delays in processing their order.
Amit Ltd. Customs Clearance & Transporters, Ben Gurion Airport, Maman Building, P.O.Box 58 Israel.
Tel: +972-3-9720120 Fax: +972-3-9720107, Mobile: 972-54-5616637 E-mail:, Contact Person: Mrs. Noa Peretz.