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Migration and Integration in Europe and Russia: New Challenges and Opportunities

International Conference
"Migration and Integration in Europe and Russia: New Challenges and Opportunities"

St. Petersburg, November 16-18, 2012

The Conference will reflect new challenges and opportunities migratory systems are facing in the contemporary world both in Russia and European countries. Movement and mobility are important to the functioning of contemporary societies. Changing infrastructure such as new border crossing facilities, accessibility of visa services, new and accessible transport connections provides incentive for making borders more transparent for travellers. As a result, people discover their neighbouring or even distant countries as a place for life, work, study or leisure which leads to diversification of cross border mobility and types or categories of migration. On the other hand, intensive migrations produce new challenges for the nation states stimulating debates and policies of integration of migrants. The Conference provides an international and cross-disciplinary space to explore these issues.

The questions for the presentations can be formulated as follows:

• What are the main characteristics of migration flows to EU countries and Russia?
• What are the main mechanisms of integration and what is their influence on migrants’ lives?
• How a variety of is migratory forms and groups is being expended, and how is this process affects migrants and their families?
• What new theoretical and empirical perspectives are appropriate and fruitful in migrant studies?

In the framework of the Conference, three panels are planned:

Panel 1 Migration: Flows and Tendencies (political and legal regulation of migration regimes, international relations in the migration policy, global and regional migration flows, general concepts, migration and mobility, legal and illegal migration)
Panel 2 Integration of Migrants (integration and adaptation concepts, migration in the language, civil and inter-ethnic conflicts, multiculturalism, tolerance)
Panel 3 Different Groups and Types of Migration and Migrants (labor migration, high-skilled migrants, marriage migration, tourism, forced migration, student migration)

Working language: English

In addition, on the first day of the Conference political and civil society round tables with a practical focus will be organized: “Migration Regulation in the EU-Russian Cooperation” and “Integration of Migrants in St. Petersburg: Ideas and Practice, Possible Application of European Experiences”.

Proposals for papers and presentations at the conference are welcome until August 27, 2012.

All should include an abstract of the proposed presentation as well as the author’s short CV and should be sent to: