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Laughter and humor in the Slavic and Jewish cultural tradition

 Dear colleagues,

we invite You to take part in the annual scientific conference, which is the next stage of a multi-year project on the comparative study of Jewish and Slavic cultures.

The conference "Laughter and humor in the Slavic and Jewish cultural tradition" will be the twenty-fourth in a series of annual meetings of scientists working since 1995 on the international project "Slavic Culture and Jewish culture: dialogue, similarities, differences", implemented By the center for Slavic Judaics Of the Institute of Slavic studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with various scientific and public organizations interested in the dialogue of cultures.

The conference is supposed to discuss a wide range of issues related to the concept of laughter culture, the problems of perception of laughter and funny in folk culture, the reflection of humorous and comic beginnings in various genres of folklore and folk theater, in everyday and ceremonial behavior, the role of buffoons and fools in traditional culture, etc.

The conference is interdisciplinary in nature, and we welcome reports from historians, philologists, folklorists, and ethnographers that reflect the comparative aspects of the problem.

Please send your applications, topics and abstracts (up to 200 words) by October 15, 2020 using the form attached below (by email: marked "Humor").

The conference materials are expected to be published

We will inform you about the organizational details in the next information letter if your report will be included in the conference program.

We will glad to see you at the conference – as speakers, panelists, and guests!

Invitations are to be sent before October 30, 2020.