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Israel's Cybint cyber education company partners with Indian Institute of Technology

Thanks to a new partnership between Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, WhizHack Technologies, and Israel's Cybint cyber education company, Indian students can now earn a certification in cybersecurity, Cybint announced Thursday.

The program, titled Advanced Certification Bootcamp in Cyber Defense, is a 480-hour, six-month course that features self-paced modules complemented by live sessions and mentoring by IIT Jodhpur faculty, industry experts and access to cloud-based labs.

A joint study conducted by PwC India and the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) showed that increased digitization has resulted in the increase in cyberattacks in India by 292%, making India, along with the us, one of the world's primary targets of cyberattacks. The study projected that the cyber security market in India was set to grow to $3.05 billion by 2022 and create over 2 million new job opportunities by 2025.

Director of IIT Jodhpur Professor Santanu Chaudhury said, "The biggest cyber security challenge faced by Indian organizations is the shortage of adequately skilled cyber security professionals and the lack of means to train people on new threats like IoT-based endpoint attacks − Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). IIT Jodhpur TISC, along with WhizHack intends to create a self-reliant India by training individuals to become cyber professionals with latest skillsets and that can safeguard the interests of India's enterprises, including five to seven crore SMEs and their ecosystem."

COO of Whizhack Technologies Kaushik Ray said, "WhizHack, in partnership with Cybint, will provide a unique opportunity to Indian youth to specialize in Cyber Defense which is witnessing global shortage of talent. The new dual certification will allow graduates to build sustainable global career pathways."

India is in a remarkable position to become possible leaders in cyber security skills and talent, observed Cybint founder and CEO Roy Zur.

"With the largest abundance of unfilled cyber security positions, the Dual Certificate Bootcamp program will be a game-changer in the path to employment for those interested in a cyber career," Zur added.