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Israelis can’t imagine life without wars

Generations of Israelis are not capable of imagining what it’s like to live in peace, which is why negotiations are probably going nowhere.

There isn't much chance for peace. Why? Because the Israelis don't know what peace is. Generations of Israelis have never experienced that simple and basic thing - life without wars. War is the norm, that's why the words "peace talks" are said here with the same apathy that characterizes the discussion of seasonal flu. Have you been immunized? Yes, yes, we've been immunized. We have stores of weapons, both aggressive and defensive, most of which we receive from good friends overseas; that's excellent immunization. The side effects are negligible.

We're willing to talk - it doesn't cost us anything. But going on a diet? A narrow waist is not healthy, and all the talk about how we look, talk emerging from the anti-Semitic camp headquartered in Brussels, won't convince us. Who said that Israel has to look like an anorexic model? They're boycotting us? We'll boycott them back. Our brains won't return to Israel? Never mind, you don't need brain researchers in order to move cement blocks. Do you see that hill? There, a hop, skip and a jump from Hebron, they'll be building soon. And next to it there's another tiny spot, do you see? Our mother Rachel passed there. They're building there too. They're building all over the country. That's how it has always been. We came to this land to build and to be built in it. It's in our historical DNA.

There's isn't much chance for serious negotiations. Why? Because after many decades the Israelis are no longer capable of imagining that there are other people aside from them. What? Should they be able to go from one place to another without stopping at a checkpoint? Should they be able to cultivate the fields without having vigilantes firing at them? After all, we passed a special law for them, a law of the strong over the weak. Do you remember how we went like sheep to the slaughter? You don't remember? So we'll remind you, we'll remind you every day and from every platform. Are they talking about the right of return? The right of return is our right, not theirs. We'll fill the country with Jews until there's no room here for Arabs. Just look, yesterday 300 good Jews arrived from the United States. They'll settle the Negev and the Galilee and Area C.

There's no chance for agreements on the issue of Jerusalem. Tzipi Livni will divide Jerusalem? She, who said that Jerusalem has to be both a united and a uniting city, knows that the Israelis have no other common denominator. That's the only thing left after the ethnic demon and the swinish-capitalist demon disrupted everything. But meanwhile we'll continue to demolish homes in the Arab neighborhoods, and we'll buy homes there; after all, the Arabs want to sell. In our national memory all the sales of the land from the days of Sir Moses Montefiore to the present are registered in the tabu land registry. Nobody is forcing them. It's known that the Arabs have no ties to the land.

So don't sing a song for peace. They don't want peace; they murdered Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, remember? What, it wasn't them? It was us? All right, that's not a representative case. Of course they're to blame. They want to throw us into the sea. Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) isn't Hamas? Nonsense, all the Arabs are the same. If we give them the settlements of Itamar and Yitzhar, tomorrow they'll want Kfar Sava and Ra'anana. Look how they're taking over Upper Nazareth. There's no limit to their appetite for conquest. And if there's no choice, if they continue to refuse, then we'll simply bid them farewell. We'll leave the West Bank the way we left Gaza. Let's see how they manage without us.

Rachel Neeman