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Israeli scientists have unearthed an ancient plant

The Jews of Ancient Galilee belonged to the religion as seriously as their co-religionists in Jerusalem and Judea. To such conclusion came from a team of Israeli archaeologists after studying the artifacts in the 2000 summer workshop on the manufacture of pottery in the North of Israel.

Ancient factory for the production of stoneware was located in an artificial cave, which also served as a limestone quarry. The walls are covered furrows, in places where the ancient Hebrews was mined chalk. In addition, in the cave, scientists have discovered thousands of artifacts related to the production of tableware.

The cave is located in the city Reinach, located between Nazareth and Kafr Kana. In the Christian tradition it is believed that in these places there was a wedding where Jesus turned water into wine. It is therefore possible that the Bible describes vessels for storage of water made for the archaeologists found the plant.

Most people of those times used for the manufacture of utensils of clay. Jews are the only mass produced ceramics from the stone. This is due to the belief of the Jews about the purity. It was believed that clay pottery was “unclean” after contact with a dead animal is not kosher (eg. rodent or lizard), and it was impossible to use even after washing.

This rule does not touch the stone, because it was not mentioned in the Scriptures. So the rabbis of the late Second Temple came to the conclusion that the stone just cannot be “unclean”. Scientists believe that the manufacture of stone ware in ancient Galilee proves the high level of religiosity of its inhabitants.

The fact confirms also that discovered in the cave of the vessels, the scientists found only on the territory of Galilee. This means that they are produced for local residents and not exported.