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Israeli animation app wins the 2020 Apple Design Awards

An Israeli developed animation app has won the 2020 Apple Design Awards, being selected as one of eight apps and games across all of Apple's platforms that have shown notable excellence in design and innovation.

The app, called Looom, offers an innovative way for animators to create playful hand-drawn animation on Apple's iPads, while also offering toy-like accessories such as a wireless controller remote, that make the experience of creating animation even more unique and accessible. Developed by Israeli animation artists Finn Ericson and Eran Hilleli, Looom takes inspiration from music creation tools and offers a user-experience that "feels more like playing an instrument than operating software - exploring lines, shapes and colors through loopable time and rhythm," according to the Looom website.

The website describes Ericson and Hilleli as "United by a complementary skillset," adding that they both "share the love for the visual, audio and code. Inspired by musical instruments and early video games we set out to create meaningful and playful experiences for all ages with a hearty focus on creativity."

However, while the app's technology makes the process of animating quicker, simpler and more accessible, it's secretly still a powerful app that offers a high quality system for both novice and experienced animators and creators. "Looom is all about looping animation with a smile. It was designed for professionals and beginners of any age, and is already being used by some influential indie animators.

"Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that prevent public events from taking place, Apple was unable to hold an event to honor the eight winners of this year's competition. Instead, they decided to deliver the exciting news to co-founder Eran Hilleli and the other happy winners in a video which was published on their website.Hilleli, who besides being co-founder of Looom is a lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, appeared on Apple's video and described Looom as a "playful take on an instrument for creating drawn animation." 

Tobias Siegal