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International conference “Genetics of aging and longevity”

The third international conference “Genetics of aging and longevity” will take place in Sochi, Russia from 6th till 10th of April, 2014. The event is held by “Science for Life Extension” foundation and Institute of Biology of Ural department of Russian Academy of Science.

With this conference being held once in two years, it is the fourth time for it to happen and the third time to be international. As a result of the previous conference in 2012, this event has become the central discussing board of longevity and aging issues in Russia, uniting the field’s leading scientists from all over the world. Having received wide international recognition, it has become a must-see point in longevity science agenda.

Back in 2012, more than 700 people visited the conference in four days of its work, including genetics scientists, bio-informatics specialists, biologists, doctors, journalists, entrepreneurs and investors.

Conference of 2014 will bring together some of the most well-known scientists and representatives of the world’s leading longevity laboratories and institutions from the US, Europe, Russia and Asia. The program committee consists of thirty experts responsible for delivering the highest level of scientific content possible and providing the latest data.

Experts, business representatives, public figures and authorities will join together to discuss fundamental science as well as more practical applied science issues. Along with the unique scientific content, round tables and informal meetings with world’s leading experts will be held, giving everyone a chance to discuss a large variety of questions, including investment opportunities in the field of slowing aging and treating age-related diseases.

The event will reveal the on-growing demand on longevity research both in science and in business. Some of the materials for the “Genetics of aging and longevity” conference have never been published before and will be first presented on the conference, forecasting the future of longevity science.

We welcome you to one of the most exciting science events of 2014!

Main Topics:
• Longevity genes in human and animals
• Epigenetic mechanisms of aging
• Inflammation and hyperfunction, intertwined mechanisms of aging?
• Environment, genes and aging
• Biomarkers of biological age
• Pharmacological interventions in aging
• Strategies for regenerative medicine applied to humans
• Systems biologyof aging and longevity
• Comparative biology of lifespan
• Oxidative damage and aging

Conference secretariat: Phone +7 (926) 521- 53-77