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International Clean Up Day in Israel

You are invited, as in previous years, to join us in cleaning up throughout the country, on International Clean Up Day in Israel - 24 October, 2017.

International Cleanup Day is one of the world's greatest environmental activities, which is undertaken by communities all around the world. The project began as a local initiative in Australia twenty years ago, and has since become a world-wide operation. In Israel, KKL-JNF has been spearheading the cleanup day activities for 17 years. 

Major ceremonies and cleanup activities take place in the north, center and south of the country, and involve about 250,000 Israelis, young and old, religious and secular, Jews and Arabs. Many governmental groups and institutions cooperate with KKL-JNF on cleanup activities, including the Union of Local Authorities in Israel and the Center for Regional Councils (including councils and 250 municipalities).


For more information and to register, contact the Kav LaYa'ar hotline at 1-800-340-550 or email

Organized Groups:

Those who are interested in cleaning up sites in organized groups are requested to contact us on the following numbers:

Northern Israel - Eti Azulay, Tel: 04-8470327 / 04-8470322, Email:

Central Israel - Perry Tuchman, Tel: 03-5261164, Email:

Southern Israel, Rinat Kedoshi, Tel: 08-9986197 /050-7497623, Email:

Public Cleanup Day Events:

1) The main Cleanup Day event in Kiryat Malachi

This year, Cleanup Day in Israel will be launched in a festive ceremony and public cleanup activities in Kiryat Malachi.

10:00 - Meet up at KKL-JNF Park (‘Park KaKaL’) on Ben Gurion St

Green drumming show, with musical instruments made of recycled garbage

11:00 - Opening ceremony with Eliyahu (Lalo) Zohar, Mayor of Kiryat Malachi; and Daniel Atar, KKL-JNF World Chairman
Music and dance performances by local schoolchildren

12:00 - Dispersing for Cleanup activities

2) Bike riding and cleaning

On Friday, October 27, KKL-JNF volunteers will be waiting at cycling trails in Ben Shemen Forest in central Israel, Lahav Forest in southern Israel, and Alon HaGalil in northern Israel in order to provide guidelines for cyclists in cleaning up the singles along their ride.

For more information on these events, please contact Kav LaYaar (KKL-JNF's forest hotline) on 1800-350-550, or by email at