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Immigration and Social Integration

The 2nd Ruppin International Conference On Immigration and Social Integration
May 21 - May 23, 2012
Ruppin Academic Center, Emek Hefer Campus, Israel

The 2012 Ruppin International Conference will focus on the current situation of migration in the world in light of the current global economic situation. Over the past quarter century, the volume of international migrants more than doubled and the number is likely to increase yet further in the decades ahead. Surveys conducted by the firm Gallup between 2007 and 2010 reveal that some 14% of the world's adults would like to migrate to another country if they had the opportunity. Improved economic opportunities remain the principal factor motivating migrants. Declines in economies of immigrant receiving nations in the EU and North America are resulting in widening income gaps along ethnic lines and introduce acute questions to be addressed: Are we properly assessing the current situation of migrants in receiving countries? What impact will changing economic conditions have on the condition of migrants? What approach should governments take to addressing the vulnerability of migrants in the event of weakening economies? Will the role of community organizations evolve in addressing the social, cultural and economic challenges encountered by migrants? These and many more questions are relevant to assess the current situation of migration in the world.

Conference Host:
Ruppin Academic Center is proud to host the 2nd Ruppin International Conference
on Immigration and Integration, which brings together leading academic figures and policy makers from Israel and various countries around the world, as well as representatives of international organizations. The participants will share their knowledge on the new frontiers in research and immigration policy making.

This conference is part of Ruppin's overall commitment to the exploration of immigration issues and to the development of know-how in the field for successful social integration. Immigration and Social Integration is Israel's most challenging social issue, and Israel's experience in this matter serves as a valuable model that can help in understanding the phenomena on a global level.

Conference Tracks:
*Immigration and Social Integration in light of the current global economic situation
*Immigration, health and mental health
*Cultural issues related to immigrants' integration: identity and language
*Immigrants in the education system
*Economic integration of immigrants in the labor market
*Immigrant's' rights and migration laws
*Immigration policies- an international comparative perspective
*Impact of immigration within the absorbing society: Perceptions, Pride and Prejudices
*The involvement of civil society organizations in migration issues
*Demographic and geographic issues related to migration
*Measuring immigrant's integration using indices mmigration and in light of the current global

Chairman of the Academic Committee: Prof. Moshe Semyonov
Head of the Organizing Committee: Dr. Dvora Blum
Conference Content Coordinator: Dr. Karin Amit

Official language of the conference is English.