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Higher Education 2014 (ICHE2014)

Dear friends and esteemed colleagues!

The International Organizing Committee is pleased to announce The International Conference on Higher Education 2014 (ICHE2014), which will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, March 16-18,2014.

ICHE has been a leading Conference in the field of higher education since 1981. The conference was held in various international locations, such as Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Romania, Luxemburg, Poland, Jordan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, China, United Kingdom,Canada, France, Sweden, Finland, and United States of America. The ICHE 2014 conference is co-sponsored by Bilkent University, Turkey, Trier University, Germany and various academic institutions in Israel.

The theme for the 2014 International Conference on Higher Education is Globalization and Integration. The various lectures will explore derivatives of globalization and internationalization, rankings and quality audits, technology impact, academia-government-labor market interface, privatization and accessibility issues, the role of academia in the quest for peace, academia's role in minorities integration and empowerment.

Join us in Israel for an exciting academic event, meet leaders of academic institutions from around the world, and advance the state of knowledge working with researchers in the field of higher education and its derivatives.

Looking forward to see you in Tel Aviv, Israel in the spring of 2014!

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