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Hanken Scholarship: Fees and Funding

Complete information on tuition fees for Non-EU/EEA students and available scholarships, including information on required funds for immigration and working while studying.

Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students

Non-EU/EEA students admitted in 2017 to master's programmes in English are required to pay tuition at all universities in Finland. There are certain exemptions:

The fees will not concern those non-EU/EEA students who

• are family members of an EU/EEA citizen (spouse / child)
• are already residing in Finland or some other EU country on a permanent basis (i.e. are equivalent to EU citizens, continuous (A) or permanent (P/P-EU) residence permit type)

For EU citizens all university education is free of charge. All students regardless of nationality are, however, obliged to pay an annual student union membership fee of approximately EUR 120.

Tuition Fee
The fee for non-EU/EEA students at Hanken is 12500 EUR/year.

The Hanken Scholarship Scheme
We have a comprehensive scholarship system in place to support fee paying students. Applying for a scholarship will not affect the application for studies in any way. The scholarships at Hanken are merit based.

Hanken Premium Scholarship:
Covers the full tuition fee and 8000 euros/year living expenses

Hanken Honours Scholarship:
Covers the full tuition fee

Hanken Support Scholarship:
Covers 50% of the tuition fee

​A cost-of-living scholarship equivalent to the Premium Scholarship (8000 €) can also be granted to non-paying students, who can demonstrate a need for such a support e.g. by there being no national financial aid system (such as the Finnish study grant) or similar available for them.

​The scholarships are awarded based on the applicant's academic excellence.​

Immigration requirements concerning funding

Applicants must ensure that they have adequate funds to support themselves financially throughout their entire period of study in Finland. In order to be granted a residence permit, non-EU/EEA citizens are required to show that they have at least 6720€ per year or 560€ per month at their disposal.
See further information on the Finnish Immigration Service page. International students who cannot show proof of sufficient funds for living expenses during their period of study in Finland will not obtain a residence permit.

Working during the studies

The studies are full-time studies and therefore students should not plan to work while studying. It might also prove very difficult to find a suitable job as the unemployment figures in Finland are quite high. Most employers also demand knowledge of Finnish and/or Swedish. Non-EU citizens studying in Finland are, however, allowed to work up to 25 hours per week part-time with their student residence permit, during term times. During holidays (specifically the summer and Christmas holidays) there is no such limitation of working hours.