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Generative artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm

Generative AI has been embraced by an astounding 49% of respondents in a span of less than a year, a survey revealed, signaling one of the most rapid technology adoptions ever witnessed.

Israeli CRM platform developer Salesforce recently unveiled the results of its latest research endeavor titled “Generative AI Snapshot Research: The AI Divide.” This survey, conducted across the United States, UK, Australia, and India, gathered insights from over 4,000 respondents, revealing an astonishingly rapid rate of adoption for generative AI technology.

Even more remarkable is the fact that over one-third of these users are integrating generative AI into their daily lives, with plans to increase its usage further. This transformational technology is evidently captivating the world at an unprecedented pace.

A generational gap

The research also unveiled a segment of enthusiastic “super-users” within the generative AI community. This group, consisting of 65% Millennials and Gen Z members, with 72% currently employed, stands out for their confidence and trust in the technology.

Nearly 60% of these users believe they are well on their way to mastering generative AI, and a significant 70% of Gen Z users have embraced the technology, with 52% expressing trust in its capacity to support informed decision-making. Notably, 52% of users have reported an increase in their usage of generative AI since their initial exposure, showcasing their commitment to its integration into their daily lives.

In stark contrast, non-users displayed a distinct lack of engagement and skepticism towards generative AI. The majority of non-users, comprising 68%, belong to the Gen X or Baby Boomer generations. A striking 88% of non-users admitted to being unclear about how generative AI would impact their lives. Furthermore, 40% of non-users cited a lack of familiarity with the technology, while 32% deemed it as not useful for their needs, reflecting their hesitancy to embrace this emerging technology.

It’s like ketchup, use it on anything

Looking ahead, generative AI users are actively exploring various use cases, with a strong emphasis on integrating the technology into their work environments. An impressive 75% of users expressed their desire to automate tasks at work and use generative AI for work-related communications.

Additionally, 38% of users utilize generative AI for leisure purposes, while 34% employ it for self-guided learning on topics of personal interest. The importance of enhanced safety and security in generative AI technology was emphasized by 62% of users, highlighting a growing concern in this aspect.

Conversely, non-users are seeking improvements and education before fully embracing generative AI. A substantial 70% of non-users expressed their willingness to engage more with generative AI if they had a better understanding of the technology. Safety and security remain paramount, with 64% of non-users stressing the need for enhanced measures in generative AI.

Moreover, 45% of non-users would consider increased adoption if generative AI seamlessly integrated with the technology they already use, underlining the importance of a smooth transition into this technology-driven future.

Blazing fast adoption

The outcome of Salesforce’s survey underscores the remarkable growth in generative AI adoption while highlighting the clear divide that still exists among potential users. As generative AI continues to evolve, the key to widespread adoption lies in addressing concerns related to safety, security, and education, enabling more individuals to harness the full potential of this transformative technology.

“This data shows just how quickly generative AI usage has taken off in less than a year,” remarked Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI. “In my career, I’ve never seen a technology get adopted this fast. Now, for AI to truly transform how people live and work, organizations must develop AI that is rooted in trust and easily accessible for everyone to do more enjoyable, productive work.”

Zachy Hennessey