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The Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society 2018

The Israel Democracy Institute will kick off its annual Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society 2018 this Tuesday and Wednesday at Jerusalem’s David Citadel Hotel. The conference, which will feature prominent figures and experts across Israel, will present an in-depth look on the future of the Israeli economy.

The confab’s keynote address will be given by Bank of Israel Governor Dr. Karnit Flug and will conclude with remarks by Gideon Sa’ar, former minister and Likud MK. “The conference is a flagship initiative devoted entirely to developing concrete measures to strengthen the Israeli economy, improve its long-term planning prospects, help reduce excessive regulatory burden, and adjust the country’s labor market to future needs,” Israel Democracy Institute President Yohanan Plesner said.

“[It will] bring together decision-makers, public sector officials, representatives of employees and employers, as well as ministers and members of Knesset. The sessions are based on in-depth studies carried out by our leading researchers who work with key stakeholders in the economy to create initiatives aimed at benefiting the greater Israeli public. The conference will focus on the future labor market and the importance of adapting regulatory barriers to the unique needs of the booming high-tech industry.”

The conference will be in Hebrew with simultaneous translation to English and will be broadcast in Hebrew on the Israel Democracy Institute website,