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EcoSummit 2012 - Ecological Sustainability

Restoring the Planet’s Ecosystem Services

EcoSummit 2012 will bring together the world's most respected minds in ecological science to discuss restoring the planet's ecosystems. Come hear Nobel Prize laureate Elinor Ostrom, Pulitzer Prize winners E.O. Wilson and Jared Diamond, Kyoto Prize winner Simon Levin, Stockholm Water Prize laureates Sven Jørgensen and William Mitsch, and many others in the first conference ever linking the Ecological Society of America (ESA), The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) and the Society for Ecological Restoration International (SER).

70 symposia and 11 workshops with almost 600 participants from over 55 countries have been accepted for the EcoSummit 2012 Program. The symposia and workshops cover a wide variety of ecological topics, including ecological restoration, ecosystem services, climate change issues, and lake, wetland, and river management and will be presented over the entire week of the conference in parallel sessions.

Ecosystems such as streams, rivers, inland and coastal wetlands, grasslands, and forests provide numerous services that fundamentally support human health and well-being. This international conference will explore innovative science-based strategies that are socially and culturally acceptable to create, manage, and restore these ecosystems, ensuring that society has access to all these ecosystem services. Our aim is to provide a high-profile platform for dialogue among researchers, planners and decision-makers to develop a better understanding of the complex nature of ecological systems and the means to protect and enhance their services.

•Sustainability and Resilience
•Ecosystem Creation and Restoration/Ecological Engineering
•Global Change
•Ecosystem Services
•Ecological Indicators
•Biodiversity and Biological Conservation
•Climate Change
•Ecological Complexity
•Ecological Economics
•Ecological Modelling
•Biological Invasions
•Ecosystem Health
•Environmental Policy
•Ecological Knowledge
•Coastal Problems Caused by Upland Pollution Sources
•Watershed/River Catchment Management

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 27 April 2012