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Missile Defense (BMD) Conference and Exhibition

June 28, 2012
Avenue Conference Center, Airport City

Recent events emphasize the increasing missile threat on Israel, from short range missiles and artillery rockets to long range missiles bearing unconferenceal warheads, mainly threatening the country's civilian population. Israel invests many resources in developing appropriate solutions to the variety of threats and is very actively supported by the government of the United States. During recent years Israel has developed advanced technologies regarding the multi-layered defense against ballistic missiles, and these technologies have led to the development of defense systems, part of which are already operational and part are about to become operational. We believe that the exchange of information at the scientific, engineering, business, management and government levels may be to the great advantage of all parties.

The purpose of the conference, which shall also include an exhibition, is to present an opportunity to the relevant factors to meet, exchange opinions and information and to examine cooperation opportunities for the improvement of dealing with missile defense capabilities.

Target audience:
The conference shall be attended by: policy and decision makers in the active defense sector, leading project managers in the field, system engineers, investigators and academic personnel, research and development people and force operators from the air force and the air defense alignment.

Among the topics discussed at the conference:
• Threat characteristics and future challenges
• Israel's multi-layer defense concept
• Presentation of leading projects
• Advanced operational concepts
• Current and developing interception technologies
• Command and control systems
• Radar and sensory systems
• Distinction between real penetrating objects and simulated objects
• Links and cooperation between systems
• Models, simulations, experiments and demonstrations
• Operational activation conclusions
• Other relevant topics

Sponsoring this event will promote your company in this dynamic and developing industry and position it as a leading company in this sector. In this manner you will maximize reaching your target customers before, during and after the conference.

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